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Welcome to Prescott’s newest website and source of information.  


This website could also be called “All Things Prescott”.  If you have any questions on where all these reenactors play or what else is going on in our wonderful little town, this is the place to look. 

If you have any questions on costuming or you feel like reading some really fun articles, or want to look at some fun YouTubes -  you are in the right place.  I am also including a lot of other resources as we have many incredible things to see and places to go in our town.

It will be a GROWING website, so keep checking back.

If there are pictures from your group that you would like to see on a page - feel free to email them to me.  

Keep in mind that each page will have a contact person.  I’m just the webmistress.  But if you have any ideas of something else you would like to see ON the website, just let me know.


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