Arizona Rangers

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Arizona Ranger History

 It was 1901, and lawlessness ran rampant throughout the Arizona Territory.  Territorial Governor Nathan Oaks Murphy was looking for a solution that would help guide Arizona to statehood

The answer was to create a police force made up of the toughest men available and with that goal in mid, the Arizona Rangers were formed.  It had been said that no single act did more to help the cause of statehood than the Arizona Rangers.

On March 21, 1901, a legislative act authorizing forming a company of Rangers.  This company was to consist of no more than one captain one sergeant and 12 privates.  Mostly made up of cattlemen, lawmen and former Rough Riders, the Rangers in 1903 expanded their ranks to 26 men.

From 1901-1909, there were only 107 men that wore the Ranger badge.  And only three wore the badge of Captain.

During the years 1901-1909, Rangers all but ended lawlessness in the territory.

Rangers paved the way for the 48th state.

With their mission completed and pressure from Washington, the Rangers disbanded in 1909.  It is the original 107 Rangers that e honor to this day.


Arizona Rangers Today

In 1957, four or the original Rangers reunited and reestablished the Rangers as a professional, volunteer organization still dedicated to the public safety and welfare of our citizens an to preserving the history of the original guardians of our state.

The Lonesome Valley Company of the Arizona Rangers invites you to join us in our current mission by providing valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies across the state, provide time and financial resources for youth activities and organizations that develop leadership ad to serve as a constant reminder of the tradition ad honor o our state’s original heroes by serving as role models of unmatched patriotism.

For more information, please contact

David F. Kyburz


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