Arizona Territorial Society

Dedicated to preserving the past, educating the public, 

and supporting the community

Mission Statement:

Founded in 2018 to promote and preserve history and heritage of Prescott and the surrounding areas.

This groups interests are to include many aspects of history through events, presentations, lectures, teas, fashion shows and more, from 1864-1912.

Arizona Territorial Society endeavors to educate and entertain its members and the public about the unique part Prescott played in the Civil War, and its establishment as the first and third territorial capitals.

As a not-for-profit organization, proceeds are usd to help the community in various ways.

Flower (19)

ATS recently had the pleasure of doing “A Journey Thru Time”, an historic fashion show, for the wonderful folks out at the Villages at Lynx Creek.  It was a great time.  The activity group at the Villages did a marvelous Victorian Tea, and ATS put on a fashion show to remember.

IMG 5171

They have a lovely activity center - we were abe to bring lots of manikins to show

IMG 5172

And a lot of display tables!

IMG 5169

To show off all sorts of gorgeous hats….

IMG 5163

And other lovely accesories….

IMG 0163

Pat in her beautiful copper and turquoise bustle dress

IMG 0164

Lupe in her lovely sapphire Polonaise

IMG 0165

Jim!  You looked awesome!

IMG 0167

Lillian in about the most gorgeous emerald green ball gown you’ve ever seen...

IMG 0168

Joanne in a beautiful civil war gown that the picture doesn’t do justice to!

IMG 0169

Don was a definite show stopper in this incredible Prince Charlie jacket and kilt

IMG 0176

Melissa… beautiful as always in this purple morie’ walking dress

IMG 0177

Gail in one of the most spectacular dresses ever… again, the picture doesn’t do it justice

IMG 0171

And so grateful to David for coming as a 1st Lieutenant in the Rough Riders.  This was some great history.

20180819 145721

Great Job Everybody!!!!

Heart (2)

IMG 0195

Library Tea May 19th

IMG 0228

Tea with the Queen!

IMG 0230

IMG 0231


Pat Stotts


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