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Dance Dance Dance

This video vanished for awhile, but I hunted it down again… one of my favorites

After seeing what dancing has become…. I choose to go back.

My idol of all time…. and what I think dancing should look like.

Our fascination with 1912…. and

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 1.43.30 PM

If you are having a bad day…. and love dogs…. 

[and really really really wish you could do this]

Ok…. you may ask why I am putting this next video on the website.  Two reasons - I LOVE David Attenborough.  And if it doesn’t make your day - there is something wrong with you.

Fred Astaire once called this “the greatest dance number ever filmed.” A clip from the movie "Stormy Weather" (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing "Jumpin Jive" with the Nicholas Brothers

And yes… because I can

Congratulations to our Prescott Reenactors and Norman Fisk !!!!

Check out these promo's for Legends of Whiskey Row.

Dedicated to all the retired people in Prescott… from the ‘non-retired’  :-)

Did you want a lot… or a little??

This video is near and dear to my heart, only because I can relate so well :-)             I raised sheep, had a herding dog, and love beer [although not Guinness]

Happy St. Patties everybody

I’m so in awe of the people that can make these cool videos…. 

this is AMAZING...

this is my all time favorite YouTube….

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 2.39.04 PM

This was just so insanely beautiful I put it in………..  because I can :-)

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