Our Prescott Friends

There are so many great groups and places to go in this little town.  Here are a few of them !

Prescott Western Heritage Foundation

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Prescott Center for the Arts

208 N. Marina
Prescott, AZ 86301



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Sharlot Hall Museum


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The museum was started, in part, due to the efforts of Kate Cory, who donated eight of her paintings and her photograph album for its collection, and Dr. Byron Cummings of the University of Arizona in order to house some of the artifacts he and his crews were excavating at the time. Sharlot Hall provided other ethnographic information. The museum evolved from events conducted by a group of white Arizona residents who enacted Native American ceremonial dances, which was not appreciated by the Hopi people. The white ceremonial enactors called themselves the “Smoki Tribe.”[pronounced Smoke-Eye]

Beginning in 1931, Smokis met and held ceremonial presentations at a pueblo next to the current museum location. The stone and log museum building was constructed in 1935by the Civilian Works Administration and operated as a museum. By 1990, the “Smoki Tribe” no longer performed dances due in part to pressure by Hopis to desist what were considered insulting portrayals of their sacred ceremonial practices. Instead of “Smoki Tribe” performances, the museum hosts educational programs.  In 1991 the museum became a non-profit museum. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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 Are you here for the Lakes???

For those of you who want passes for Watson & Goldwater Lake, come to the Armory, which is on Gurley in front of the Smoki museum.  They house the office for Parks & Recreation.

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If you are looking for passes to Lynx Lake, you need to go to the US Forest Service office:  

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