Wylie Outlaw


It was December of 1895 in Morenci, located in southeastern Arizona. Augustine Chacon and two other men stabbed and killed the manager of the local general store during a robbery. His killing was so bloody that Deputy Alex Davis was able to follow their bloody footsteps to a nearby house. As Deputy Davis approached the house, the three men were seen fleeing. A gun battle ensued, that, as many as 300 shots were fired.   [300???]

The result was the death of one of the locals and Chacon’s two companions. Chacon was tried, found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. But, Chacon wasn’t ready to give up, and just days before his scheduled hanging, he dug through the adobe wall of the jail and escaped. 

After five years of freedom, and supposedly four more killings, Captain Burt Mossman of the Arizona Rangers, illegally went across the border into Mexico and captured Chacon. When he was returned to Morenci, Chacon found the adobe walls of the jail had been replaced by steel. 

Finally, on November 21, 1902, the day came for Augustine Chacon to pay the price for his actions. At noon, he ate a large lunch. Two hours later, freshly shaved and dressed in a suit, he walked up the stairs. Standing on the platform, Chacon, with a cup of coffee in one hand and cigarette in the other, began a speech that lasted for thirty minutes. Following the speech, he said that it was time to hang, and the trap door was sprung. He may have been a scoundrel during his life, but he did die like a gentleman.    


Thanks to Dakota Livesay

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