Yavapai Cemetery Association

Started in 1864, Citizens Cemetery is Prescott's oldest cemetery.  

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On Thursday, April 19, Betty Bourgault, Flag Chairman and Regent Sue Burk of the Yavapai Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), presented the Arizona Society of the National DAR “Fly the Flag of the United States of America” certificate of award to the Yavapai Cemetery Association.

Accepting the award for YCA was Bob Bakken who was chosen in honor and appreciation for his long-standing 23 year history of volunteering at Citizens Cemetery. Bob Bakken is a retired Lt. Colonel who served 26 years in the Air Force.

Julie Holst, YCA Coordinating Council Chairperson said “There are two reasons that this flag flies here today and that we can stand here this morning and receive the “Fly the Flag of the United States of America” Certificate of Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution, Yavapai Chapter: the first reason is that Bob Bakken, along with many U.S. military service men and women, served their country in order to secure our freedom. The second reason the flag is flying here today is due to Bob’s dedicated efforts to raise the funds through various military organizations to install this flagpole. The new flagpole was installed in May of 2001. Thank you, Bob and the other veterans here with us today, Carolyn Smith and Matt Petsche, for your service. Thank you to Betty Bourgault and Yavapai Chapter DAR for choosing YCA to receive this award. We are honored.”


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Following is a copy of the Courier Article:

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I was very proud to be a member of this organization for so many years… it will remain a wonderful memory, taking care of this little cemetery.


Here are some pictures from past events - 

Memorial Day & Annual Ghost Walk

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