Youngers & Pinkertons

In the early 1870's the younger brothers were one of the premier outlaw gangs. To capture them, the Pinkertons were put on their trail. When in March of 1874 members of the two groups met, the outcome was interesting.  




The four Younger brothers had been creating havoc in and around Missouri a number of years, when the railroads hired the Pinkerton Detective Agency to get them. Because the Younger brothers normally committed their crimes in pairs, the Pinkertons chased after them in similar groups.    

It was just a matter of time before the two groups met up. And that time was March 17, 1874.   

John and Jim Younger were having dinner at the Snuffer’s home when two horses rode up. The Youngers climbed into the attic while Mr. Snuffer answered the door. The two men said they were cattle buyers, looking for the home of a Mrs. Simms. 

John Younger was suspicious, and he and Jim followed the “cattle buyers.” A short distance from the Snuffer home, the cattle buyers met up with another man, a local resident. 

As the Younger brothers rode up, the local resident took off. John Younger covered the remaining two men with a double barreled shotgun. Incidentally, these men were Louis Lull and Ed Daniels, two Pinkerton agents. The two agents were disarmed, but when John was distracted, Lull pulled another pistol and shot John Younger in the neck. John responded with his shotgun. Agent Daniels attempted to ride away, but Jim Younger shot him dead.   

When the dust settled, Agent Daniels and John Younger were dead. Agent Lull was wounded. Although Lull was on the mend, a few days later, he mysteriously died. His death may have been a ruse to make sure he didn’t become a victim of the Younger’s vengeance. 

Courtesy: Dakota Livesay 

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Bob,Jim,Cole,sister Henrietta

Bob, Jim and Cole Younger with their sister Henrietta



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